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Hello everyone, Simon and Martina here!  We decided to start a mini-blog on the growth and development of our future studio for Eat Your Kimchi Incorporated.  Ooohhh so incorporated with Spudgies and Dr.Meemersworths with little glasses and bow ties working around the clock to edit the movies we film. 

Let us begin by saying “HOLY FLIPPING DOODLES!!”  We woke up this morning and saw that we had passed $100,000 in funding.  We’re…absolutely…shocked, completely mind-blown at the overwhelming support you’ve shown us in our fundraiser.  We seriously didn’t think we’d even reach 1/4th of our goal, but we’ve more than DOUBLED it with still plenty of time to go.  We have no clue how much we’re going to raise (since - as you can tell - our estimation was REALLY off the first time around), but we also don’t want you to feel that any of that money is being wasted.  We’re going to outline the costs of everything with full transparency, and show you just how much we can do with all that you give us.

Our goal for this blog is to outline the whole process of the development of Eat Your Kimchi Studios, and also to detail where we are spending the money that you have given to support this dream.  We’ll show you how we’re out hunting for the studio, finding it in the wild, stalking it, killing it, and eating it…well, not that much.  Hunting for it, though, is something we’ll make sure to outline in both written and video format, as well as all the other major steps we’re taking in making this studio come true, because - by our research so far - it’s going to take a lot of work!

BUT before any of that can start, we have to wait for the fundraiser to end, as we can’t stop the fundraiser according to Indiegogo policies.  So, for now we’re preparing for all the exciting things that will start once the fundraiser is finished, including sending out all the perk packages! 

Thanks again to everyone for supporting us, come back soon for more info, pictures, and videos about the future Eatyourkimchi Studio!  YAY!

ps-> We were seriously thinking about calling this Nasty Studios but we were worried the Korean government might shut us down thinking that we’re making the pornoz. 0____o

29 September 2012 ·

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